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My Career Path

[This post was originally made on my first blog - 08/24/2010]

When I started law school I was very unsure as to the area(s) of law that I wanted to practice. But I always knew the kind of lawyer I wanted to be. From the time I put law school on the radar, I've wanted to be that small town lawyer that everybody trusted, everybody knew, and was universally liked - all the while having a reputation (based on actual experience) for knowing what I'm doing.

My first desires to be a lawyer came when I was a small child. My grandmother, Gerry Nichols, was the Circuit Court Clerk of Loudon County (TN). She brought me along for a jury trial involving two TVA workers and an aggravated assault. I was only around 6-8, but I remember many details from the trial. The two TVA workers had argued many times at work and things escalated on the commute home. They ended up pulling over onto the shoulder of the road, exiting their vehicles, and approaching one another. At some point one of the men shot the other in the foot. A verdict was rendered against the shooter/defendant - and the case turned (to me) on the way the lawyer was able to show that the only way the victim could have been shot was in retreat from the shooter. Which was in contrast to the defense position that he had been charging the defendant when he was shot.

The manner in which the prosecuting attorney was able to articulate a logic based case has stuck with me to this day. That's the way I try to practice.

The moral to this story is that I'm doing exactly what it is that I want to, professionally.

If you are in need of an attorney who will pursue your case in a practical, logical and determined manner, I invite you to give me a call @ (865) 977-6899 or send an email to nick@nablacklaw.com

Posted on Apr 28, 2020